Lacking nail design ideas? Wanna discover how nail technicians do their job? Or just like looking at nail art to relax? If you have answered “YES!” to any of these questions, we have selected 6 nail artists with stunning designs and wonderful nail pictures on Instagram that you will simply love! Take a look further and be inspired by different nail styles and tons of creativity! 


 1) Chelsea King


For those who love the variety


Meet Chelsea King, the young and ambitious manicurist from Los Angeles California. It all started as a hobby for her, a way to express herself through her nail design. Surprisingly, Chelsea's Mom convinced her to start doing nails before Junior Prom, as she didn't like girly things at all.


bright nails

Credit: Instagram of Chelsea King


What can you expect by following Chelsea?


- Melancholic or positively joyful? Doesn’t matter as Chelsea has plenty of designs to choose from.
- Ornaments: strings, bubbles, flowers, hearts, waves and many others.
- Colors - find the whole rainbow in one place. 
- Even elements from nature show up – bugs, flowers or butterfly wings.


butterfly nails

Credit: Instagram of Chelsea King


TIP: If you want to try this design, we recommend taking a look at ZOYA nail polish, the one that Chelsea used for this wonderful design. This nail polish is ultra long-wearing, toxin-free and has a great variety of colors.

By following Chelsea, you can also discover how to combine different nail polishes to get some new effects. Scroll through Chelsea’s Instagram to find turquoise & wood nails that are a combination of nail polish and gel which was used for getting the realistic 3D effect.


blue nails

Credit: Instagram of Chelsea King


2) Tom Bachik

Celebrity manicurist


Have you ever seen Jennifer’s Lopez, Victoria’s Beckham, Beyonce’s, Heidi’s Klum or Anne’s Hathaway nails and thought “That’s amazing! I need these now!”. So, the credit goes to Tom Bachik who is a former graphic designer. Like a masterpiece – can be described what Tom is doing on nails whether it's elegant, timeless and classical or more bold, unexpected and cutting the edge.


golden nails

Credit: Instagram of Tom Bachik


What can you expect by following Tom?


- Inspiration both for your everyday style and extraordinary occasions
- The latest celebrities nail designs to go along with your favorite ones. 
- Outstanding nail designs, including difficult shapes and text.
- Golden, glittering details on top. 
- Simple one color nails with ornaments.

red nails

Credit: Instagram of Tom Bachik


3) Cutepolish

The internet’s top nail artists


Sandi Ball – a talented nail technician, the founder of Cutepolish is now working with other top nail art professionals to deliver all the latest nail art trends. A fun fact worth mentioning, Sandi was fascinated by nail polish when her mom passed down her nail polish collection. Sandi fell in love with each and every color, starting her passion for nail art.

 summer nails

Credit: Instagram of Cutepolish


What can you expect by following Cutepolish?


- Techniques of which household items you can use to create astonishing nails.
- Many bright color ideas.
- Favorite characters from Disney’s Moana, Beauty and The Beast, Super Mario or Angry Birds.
- A fascinating variety of objects and symbols. 
- Easy “how to” videos on the YouTube channel. Discover techniques for ombre nails one of this year’s nail trends!


ombre nails

Credit: Instagram of Cutepolish


4) Sophie Harris-Greenslade

Nails like illustrations


After studying illustration and animation, Sophie took these skills to nail art that she describes as “a style of illustration, just on a smaller canvas". Here comes mom again – she encouraged Sophie to take manicure and pedicure courses to become an experienced nail technician. And thanks to that, we now can enjoy her blog “The Illustrated Nail” where tons of inspiration for your next nail masterpieces hide.


flowery nails

Credit: Instagram of Sophie Harris-Greenslade


What can you expect by following Sophie?


- The flowery inspiration for spring and summer. 
- A mix of bright colors.
- Very detailed prints and patterns.
- Lots of strings.
- Designs for special occasions to feel more royal.

glitter nails

Credit: Instagram of Sophie Harris-Greenslade


Having her notebook with her all the time, allows Sophie to sketch nail designs whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. Using the nail as a small canvas on which she creates a little masterpiece, brings joy to her clients and Instagram followers alike.

ornament nails

Credit: Instagram of Sophie Harris-Greenslade


5) Lexi Martone


Outstanding long and sharp nails


For something extraordinary and entirely different start following nail artist Lexi Martone. In addition to being a nail master, she is also a cupcake baker, but we will leave that delicious topic for another time. On her Instagram feed you can discover nail design for long and sharp nails, however, if you like the design, adaptation is possible.

long nails

Credit: Instagram of Lexi Martone


TIP: Solution! If you have short nails but wanna have these sharp ones, you can always try a bit different look and get acrylic nails.


What can you expect by following Lexi?


- The inspiration for black nail designs - solid or diverse patterns. 
- Movie characters such as The Little Mermaid or Mickey Mouse.
- Crystals and glitter on top to make it even more outstanding. 
- Designs to stand out from the crowd.


long nails

Credit: Instagram of Lexi Martone


 TIP: to put some elegance on your nail design we recommend to try Nail Art Striping Tape. It is very easy to use and can add missing element to your nails.


6) Miho "Mei" Kawajiri

Little art on every nail


A Japanese nail artist Miho "Mei" Kawariji is well known in New York where tens of women every week come to get outstanding nails done in 60-90 minutes. The artist is a fan of precise details, to create little art on every nail, she uses a tiny brush to get very detailed pictures.

text on nails

Credit: Instagram of Miho “Mei” Kawajiri


TIP: for your detailed paintings on nails we recommend to use NSI HD detailed brush with a fine tip that allows for delicate drawing with an easy and refined stroke.


What can you expect by following Miho?


- 10 different nails as Miho works by color. After everything is done – the big picture comes together.
- Famous brand logos, characters from cartoons, political slogans.
- Nail piercing.
- Common nail designs: flowers to complement summer, little hears for falling in love or shapes for your minimalistic look.

minimalistic nails

 Credit: Instagram of Miho “Mei” Kawajiri


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