OPI Gelcolor Base Coat

1. Prep the nails and shake each bottle before use. Polish on base coat. Cap the free edges and cure for 30 seconds( LED lamp), 2 minutes (UV lamp).



OPI Gelcolor Pink Flamenco

2. Polish on GelColor. Cap free edges and cure for 30 seconds. Then apply a second thin coat, cap free edges, and cure for 30 seconds(LED lamp), 2 minutes (UV lamp).



OPI Gelcolor Top Coat


3. Polish on Top Coat, cap the free edges, and cure for 30 seconds(LED Lamp), 2 minutes (UV Lamp).



OPI Gelcolor Remover


4. Easy Removal: To remove moist surface residue, saturate an OPI Expert Touch Removal pad with OPI Expert Touch Remover.



OPI Gelcolor Removal Wraps


5. Place the wrap over the gel and wrap around finger.




OPI Gelcolor Nail Wipes

6. Check after 15 minutes and gently push off gel with a reusable cuticle stick.





Article courtesy of nailsmag.com